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Monetize Your Message
With Product Creation, Marketing & Tech Integration
Do you have an idea for a program or service you’d like to offer to the world?

Are you being drawn to share your message on a larger scale but perhaps not knowing how to package your gifts has held you back from
reaching your greatest potential?

Does the thought of creating a sales funnel or marketing campaign
make you want to cringe?

Do you often spend too much time fighting with technology when you could be spending your valuable time helping others or creating new content?
Then you're in the right place...
As an avid online marketer and self-proclaimed “tech geek,” I have a knack for looking at someone’s business (or business idea) and finding the hidden potential…

I love helping my clients come up with new products and services while devising a plan to tie them all together--creating a multitude of offers to deliver at just the right time.

And more importantly, how to deliver those offers in a way that doesn’t feel “sleazy” or “spammy” so you connect with your target audience and grow your tribe in a "feel-good" way.

And it’s not just the technology piece that’s my forte (although I have to admit sales funnels, auto-responders and marketing campaigns get me all tingly inside 😊)...

I believe we must first find out what our true passions are, and how we can create products and services that are in alignment with our message, so we can be of service to those who are meant to receive it.

BUT ... it wasn't always so easy for me.
When I was first getting started in my business, I tried to do it all myself...

Web design, graphic design, marketing, customer service, product creation—you name it.

What I found is that I wasted a lot of time learning things by trial and error…

The hard way.

When I started hiring mentors to help me avoid costly mistakes and outsource the tasks that made my head spin, that’s when my business was able to expand beyond measure because I was no longer wasting valuable time and money.

I ultimately found it was actually more cost-effective to work with others than to make costly errors time and time again by going it alone.

And that’s why I always say...
Put your energy where it's best served.
When we spend our valuable time trying to master the tasks that stress us out and don’t feel good to us, that energy goes into our work, and people can feel it…

Not to mention, that takes away from what’s truly important in life such as time with family and friends, freedom in our work schedule, and the time to write, teach, and inspire!

You see, I believe the key to success is to be in alignment with our heart's truest desires and to put positive energy into all the products and offers we create.

If any of this resonates with you, and you know in your heart your business and life’s work will flourish when you accept help from someone who understands your vision and can get you to that next level...

Then I invite you to fill out the application below to see if we’re a good fit for one another.

I’d love to help you grow your tribe, monetize your message, and create a business based on your life’s work ... one you can be proud of that affords you freedom.

To your success,
Shanda Trofe
How it works...
* We’ll begin with a 1-hour strategy session where we’ll delve deep into your business (or business idea) to gain clarity on your message.

* We will work together in 3-month increments and meet via Zoom or by Phone during weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to develop a clear plan of action for your business.

* I’ll audit your business and current offers to see what might need to go, what could be strengthened, and together we’ll come up with new offers that your target audience will love.
* We’ll create a value map for your business, one that feels good and is in alignment with your message, and create strategic ways to grow your list and deliver your offers.

* We’ll work on each step in order so you end up with a "freedom funnel" filled with valuable offers to help you monetize your message and connect with your tribe.
*Once the system is in place, you’ll have a fully functioning funnel, email list and marketing campaign so you can easily add to your sales funnel as you develop new offers—a system you can duplicate time and time again!
What I specialize in...
* Product Development (print books, eBooks, lead magnets, online courses, coaching programs, membership sites, evergreen products, etc.)

* Sales Funnel Design (sales pages, landing pages, upsells, downsells, payment integration, etc.)

* Product Launches (social media marketing, Facebook ads, book marketing, online marketing)

* Email Marketing (list setup and integration, auto-responders, nurture campaigns, etc.)

* ALL things TECH

… and much more!

I've spent many years learning these systems, and I've invested thousands upon thousands of dollars on mentors and training along the way. I'm happy to share my expertise with you as long as you're committed and are ready to take your business to the next level.
Shanda Trofe specializes in book-writing, publishing and marketing strategies for authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs. Shanda takes pride in mentoring business professionals by teaching a variety of techniques to leverage her clients as a top authority in their niche; thus, gaining a powerful online presence, and increasing sales by list building, marketing, and sales funnel techniques.

To date, Shanda has assisted in the publication and launch of over 100 Amazon #1 bestsellers.  Additionally, she is the bestselling author of many books including Write from the Heart and Authorpreneur: How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business. 
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